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Mansi Shah
2 min readOct 4, 2020


The idea was born to tell stories that will make all the difference.

Everything you need to know about us

We are a source where innovation meets design! We are so tired to see great inventions not being recognised where we all are working towards one goal. We desire to collude with individuals who question the way of design we plan on assisting among some of the unusual innovative fellowships across the world and help develop sustainable opportunities across communities, be it individual artists or design studios.

Our Ways of Working

Innovation Driven

Supporting innovative individuals who believe in solving real-world problems with the help of design thinking.


We believe to impact the world by encouraging and building sustainable communities.

Vision Oriented

We are here to shape and strengthen a sustainable approach to our ways of living for the generations to come!

We only looking for interns!

People we open! To receiving if you really think this is something you would be interested in do reach out! Make sure you willing to put in your imagination in the creative process and help built each other.

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Mansi Shah

Indulged in design thinking for over 4 years. I wish to mark my grasp on topics covering art & Sustainibility. https://salvagestudioin.com