I have always feared that my opinions or belief would be the death of me

Mansi Shah
4 min readAug 12, 2020
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Come back, fall forward and sow your way through the darkest forest of your own thoughts

Forest of Your Own Thoughts

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Communication is more than just language. It has many faces to it be it with your self or others. Communication differs from people to people. Over the years being a shy person, I have realised it is so important to put your point across, it is not just a negotiation, or expectations the language of the unspoken can be very heavy. You conceive your thoughts or opinions or beliefs don’t matter, at least I did believe that for quite some time. Observing the patterns I have come to believe that words have such an impact. Communication can come in various forms be it intellect or emotional.


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A perfect example of communicating would be folk tales. They date back centuries which would give us a whole picture or a part about the world that existed. The habits, the culture, the untold legends that still live in our world, be it written or non written. Now isn’t that fascinating? The communication can indeed be twisted and filtered endlessly, but that’s the beauty of it, wouldn’t you agree? Now, why do you think I am talking about this? Communicating has taught me a lot about myself. The people you come across in your life vary largely under the spectrum which means there is a lot of listening, composing, encoding of emotions, information, facts etc How could you use this medium in your life and what can you acquire from it.

Listen more talk less

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Listening does not bare any expectations or rules to follow, it just means taking all in. Have you ever observed two people having a conversation? it is very insightful, you will know the language of the unspoken words, similarly, I have come to understand that before we start having a conversation with anyone we need to set aside the differences and stop filling in the gaps furthermore forming a conclusion of the argument in your head. I faced that a lot as a youngster, where I would always run in the other direction of what was being said or explained to me. I understand that we all have our own beliefs but doesn’t mean we need to shut every other door. Being open and willing to take in and filter it through takes time and patience and willingness to associate.


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Composition of words, emotions, facts and other things above all have such an interesting story to narrate. Be it shallow or deep, or even misguided. I have always feared that my opinions or belief would be the death of me if I ever was questioned because what we believe and see and think comes out very differently when spoken by composed words, thoughts and phrases. It is challenging and needs our utmost attention. The fact that this matter is ridiculously severe and entertaining in its own way. I know we all are familiar with Chinese whisper, the fact that we hear, understand and think and feel vividly grasps my attention to understanding the self. Be it communicating ideas, stories, incidents or events form such a sense of dent physically.


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I adore writers the most because they have a knack of deforming these conceptions, philosophies and analogy with such grace that it touches the depth of the worn-out hearts. Communicating may not just be words, written or spoken it can be the language of empathy, passion, tremors, above all has the power to transform generations, communities, and form histories for the worse or the better. The art of communicating to me would be leaving the frame stimulated, and in comfort. Help to feed, tenderness, clemency and not despise or anger because that is the dent you create in this universe.

Be the best version with yourself and others surrounded.



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