My Very First Eco Business Idea!

A little bit about how I landed up here. I work with my Family Business in Autombile Sector. 2 Years in the business I realised that there was disturbing amount of Waste Management in the Industry. Of-course I couldn't do much about the system chain, so I stepped into how much I could contribute, from my end. I thought to myself why don't I start making products out of waste, yes I could reach only small amount of the pile, but there is so much more to Recycling of Waste of Industries itself.

According to Research Journal of Chemical and Environmental Sciences by Res J. Chem. Environ. Sci. Vol 4 [2] April 2016: 01–07

Glass is a high-tech material vital to the safety, security, comfort and sustainability of modern life which is used in building, transport and automotive applications. The average glass content in a vehicle is 3% by mass.

Under my observation, I realised we have old Vehicle Windshield Glasses that are Air Tight, which when shattered breaks into pieces. These glasses in particular have no protective film in between to hold the cracked glasses. This made me realise why don't I incorporate glass into the products I make. There is still work to be done as to how we can recycle the ones with protective film which has Plastic content.

Our Story

Recapturing | Retrieving | Reclaiming

Salvage was born when I realised that there was a disturbing amount of imbalance in the waste system of industries. It helped me look at repurposing as a concept, that would challenge in changing the functionality of the products itself.

Salvage strives in Recapturing, Retrieving, Reclaiming the essence of the matter, by giving it a new vitality.

Here are some of the products made out of Spare Parts and Scrap Glass.

This product was made from Truck Air Filter & Scrap Windshield Glass

We want to encourage our customers make conscious choices, with helping us redesign products, and help grow sustainable opportunities in and around communities. To Know More Visit Us on:



Lessons I learnt while creating Salvage

1. Try to be Resource-full, in consumption of the products you buy

2. Don’t ever give up on your Ideas, however small you think your contribution might be

3. Encourage Recycling of all the products you consume

4. Last but not the least take that one Step, write that letter, Design that product, Work on that idea, you said you would!

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash



Indulged in design thinking for over 4 years. I wish to mark my grasp on topics covering art & Sustainibility.

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Mansi Shah

Indulged in design thinking for over 4 years. I wish to mark my grasp on topics covering art & Sustainibility.