Everything I Presumed Was Marketing

Mansi Shah
4 min readSep 1, 2020
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In this fast-paced world, I have come to realise that getting attention on the internet doesn’t come easy. Be it for business or your work, or even entertainment. You have to be creative every day to put out content.

Marketing Is Not Advertising!

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Before I get there let’s redefine marketing. It is not about advertising, it about..well its that feeling when you feel overwhelmed with the outcome of your product or the review of that client about your service furthermore that smile on the face at the Table No 12 in your restaurant. I got it all wrong! I would like to put some reference here. Recently actually over the past year, I have been studying the internet and how things work. Especially around marketing as an area of interest. We see what is shown to us and not the other way around at least most of the times. That is not just the algorithm of the Instagram or youtube but also the people, to be honest, it’s largely the people who relish or adore you well not really its more about your values and what you support and believe in or can associate to.


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I messed up like everyone else who thought they knew marketing.
I have experimented with Facebook ads, tried to throw in some offers to attract customers! reduced the price to bring in more customers the list is long. With all of that, I realised that the company I decided to grow was not to make money! that was not my goal! Although I was putting that across as loudly as possible through my marketing well lets call it advertising resulting in weighing my content.

Brand Vs Logo

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We have all have heard, that story sells and not the product! Being a graphic designer I have mainly designed logo but have interpreted branding! I think marketing and branding do speak about each other on the same lines. Let me elaborate a little on this, we all come down to why we doing what we doing when it comes to starting a company, or a routine, or any of the others. Similarly, we all have a story to tell, and if things did come easy we wouldn’t want it or even hear about it because hey life ain’t that easy it just wouldn’t sound real. would it? It’s the story that makes you want to believe in what you want to believe its the overall overwhelming feeling about this notion. Which bring me to our next point.


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We are social animals we like being part of a community and that’s what I see happening with influencer marketing. There are individuals and communities trying to find each other with similar interests. It is the story behind the belief and the values you share with each other and bring oneness. I guess that’s what brands do and with the internet, as a platform, we have the power of expressing ourselves in ways we could never possibly have acted. We are marketing ourselves and influencing these ideas! How exciting is that! Do you think this happens in a day? no, it doesn’t with the power of the internet it’s 365 24 7! You are now narrating I would say your own movie where the audience is watching you live!

Last But Not Least

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Marketing is simply this the story that narrates not because it wants some gains but to be a part of something much bigger and greater! There are many ways to do that now given the number of platforms, and how easy it is to find your audience who share the same ideology. You are just one text, call, mail, away! All you have to do is ask!



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