Changing Phases of Perception

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Not having the courage and doing it anyway is far more powerful than trying to beat yourself to be good. I remember I was hesitant about everything including being able to call out for help. I grasp that countless times we assume that the process doesn’t measure the success you pictured yourself to transpire. Acknowledging that what you have requires to be fully aware of your strengths. Lately due to series of overthinking and dragging myself about not being good enough and comparing myself to others success did bring me such a toll. I faced the consequences of my thoughts which caused a great impact on my health, emotions, relationships, especially with my self. I had suffered a great deal from the past trying to make sense of everything and how it could have turned out better, which includes the decisions I had taken. This in return caused my frustrations of not being able to express myself turning myself towards anger and hate, which again was not going to solve the problem.

Finding A Way Out!

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I forced myself to understand and analyse the patterns of what needed to be fixed, one of the major trigger points was continuous patterns of repeatedly criticising of how I could be better. I did not realise how deep I dove into the never-ending rabbit hole.

It means shifting the way you talk about yourself, the toxins that you allow forming inside you of pure hate! Due to our emotions and everyday stress has caused such an impact in everyday lives. Resulting in changing our sleep patterns, eating habits, our way of communication and the way we see life around us. Stop analysing everything you do by pushing yourself into such negative self-doubt trust me you don’t want to be stuck in a never-ending loop.

Where do I Stand?

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You are exactly where you supposed to be! I realised that my focus was not about enjoying the process but getting to what we call success! If things would come easy to us we wouldn’t really be doing anything about it in the first place. There is always going to places you want to go and things you want to do. Sadly we have built our lives around things that are so repetitive. This reminds me that we don’t plan on taking any risks because there are far less security and uncertainty than choosing happiness and getting out there and doing something about it. Would you be willing to live a life where you didn’t do it because of those millions of voices opposing you? or the fact that you would have to face criticism?

Stop Waiting

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Stop waiting on people to come to your rescue. I suggest you choose the people you want to be surrounded by. Start working on things that are going to build you not something that would destroy you. I still remember my scariest of things was to write! I couldn’t get myself to write because I sucked! In pronunciation in grammatical errors. I always marvelled at people who could speak so well! They could talk about ideas and could express themselves so easily I thought I could never do that! How did I get myself to write? Well baby steps, putting myself into the uncomfortable position of giving presentations and going to writing classes and almost peeing my pants sitting across 10 people in the room when asked to talk. It was a miserable task but hey you got this! It may sound horrible but you can only get better by not giving up. Soon when depression kicked in I couldn’t help but write! I just wrote about things that bothered me. I guess that was the start of me even realising that I could write!

Do it anyway! No matter the outcome! If you thinking about the thing you want to start? This is the sign you seek! Do it anyway!



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Mansi Shah

Indulged in design thinking for over 4 years. I wish to mark my grasp on topics covering art & Sustainibility.