A Forced Moment

Mansi Shah
4 min readSep 20, 2020
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From the day I started Salvage I always pushed myself into taking decisions that people expected me to make, and it all looked so far fetched. I started contacting people to get validations about my own decisions about something I started with no intention to make money but an idea that just grew out of me. I would say this over time you eventually figure out by taking actions on the decisions taken. So here is a small piece I thought I should write about my struggles of getting to where I am right now and where I will be tomorrow. Listen if you are struggling to make decisions for you right now? don’t rush take your time and weigh your options, if you think that this is something you find difficult doing? might as well try all the options you have in hand because that is the only way to know whether you would want it to play that way. Many times we forget that we are where we are though experience but that shouldn’t lead to a dead end. Let me put this out simply in pointers to pave a way for yourself if you feeling a little lost here.


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You need to stop concluding your process and stressing yourself into trying to be somewhere and do something all the time. So follow this rule called the 80/20 principle. This is one of the tools that I have found useful to make my decisions in life way easier. The principle states that you should only do what is important to you which would result in a larger impact 20% of your decisions should give you 80% of the results you require. Start applying this to your everyday life. Not to forget these small decisions will result in small achievements every day which would lead to months, and then years. Here is a conversation I had with one of the conversations on Notion where we discover the possibilities of individuals who have explored their opportunities.

Stop Holding Back

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Before you do that I would like to make this clear if you are not confident of your decisions then they are not your own, if it doesn’t feel right to you don’t do it, you know yourself better than anyone else will ever, play that to your advantage. There have been forced actions where I have no regrets, over the years because of the number of lessons that followed. I think the number of no’s are somewhat easy to digest especially when I have rejected myself so many times, without even giving a chance! which confirmed to me that I was the only barrier here, prisoner of my mind! This doesn’t come easy to any of us but I guess its always good to give it a try?


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Lately, I have been reaching out to individuals who I have never met or talked to and have never felt so connected at the same time! I learned that the stories told are something that we all go through but I guess it just makes it easier when you know that people have their battles and so do you which is completely okay! Now, why would I text strangers? My curiosity of learning, I have been curious all my life about things around me especially humans. I find them highly interesting simply because they are a whole universe in themselves. I wanted to show my appreciation towards what they were and know and understand their side of the story and I guess what they say is right you just need to ask..or put it out there and it will come back. I wish I could narrate these stories and inspire people to do what they love! Hence I started Notion Room where it's all about unplanned conversations.

Black & White

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Among staus, profession, wealth and many other things we have categorised everything around us so much so that we have made it so difficult for us to connect and normalise things around us. That is what Notion showed me, opportunities are everywhere you just need to be humble enough to let them in. If you are curious to know the stories I have come across? Head over to Notion Room Talks where is all about unplanned conversations with individuals who have questioned their way of design.



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