5 Powerful Yet Simple Tools Of Digital Marketing

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First and foremost congratulations on your new enterprise. I am putting this out there for two main reasons.

Saving your precious Time
Providing Powerful yet simple tools to get your services out there

I have tried every possible way and still am learning the world of marketing. It is complex but you will only learn through trying things out and understanding how it works. Hence I thought I would want to put out everything I have learnt so far in a year.

Brand Awareness

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Make this very clear, when you just starting. This would help you stick to your core of why you started in the first place. This would help you connect to like-minded people and expand your business in ways you cant imagine. You need to rewrite your WHY again and again till it is crystal clear and make sure that your products and services replicate it in various ways.

If that is too hard to understand just answer the questions below.

Please note if you approach your audience with just How and What it will never work, you have to work with emotions, that will resonate with your audience and tell them how you doing it.

Content Marketing

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Creating content around your brand is so important. It would just help understand your services even better. Some of the ways are

All this would help increase the trust, transparency and bring value to your brand. Not to forget to know your end-user even better by building conversations.

Social Media Ads

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One of the most popular ways of attracting your target audience. Please note for this to be effective one of the major roles is how you engage with your end-user, the strongest tools are the posts itself.

Note: Know your target end user first.

You have to act out exactly what you want your customers to understand which would help them react and take actions. This could be done in various ways


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This has helped me explore so much of what internet has gone to exploring ways and means of helping user experience to a completely different level of understanding. You must have known that we have ready templates for almost everything right now. These are some of the powerful platforms which would help you explore ways of marketing. If you would want me to talk more on this topic leave a comment down below. In the meantime go explore the website tempelate softwares and use it, not just browse.

Email Marketing

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This is another important tool where you reach out to customers and grow your audience with one on one conversations.

Last But Not Least

You can never stop learning, with 100s of apps and softwares being developed each day, and the increase use of AI and 1000 various others things out there, all you have to do is dive in and reach out. With the help of internet there is so much you can do.

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Indulged in design thinking for over 4 years. I wish to mark my grasp on topics covering art & Sustainibility. https://salvagestudioin.com

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Mansi Shah

Indulged in design thinking for over 4 years. I wish to mark my grasp on topics covering art & Sustainibility. https://salvagestudioin.com